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Backline Rehearsal Studios and Backline Pro Rentals, have been in business since 1999 for music rehearsals, music equipment rentals, sound system rentals & stage lighting rentals.  

(originally named Sound Arena)  Backline Rehearsal Studios & Backline Pro Rentals is the new, improved, & centralized version of what (Sound Arena) offered to bands, church groups, musicians, sound professionals, and event promoters.


Backline rehearsal studios feature 9 fully equipped rehearsal studios. Studios A thru G Featurte a 5 piece Pear Drum Kit. It comes with hi-hats and a ride cymbal, and two cymbal stands for crashes. Bring your own crashes. Studio "F" features 2 ˝ stack guitar amps and an Ampeg bass amp .The mid size studios ( C,D,E & G ) feature 1 ˝ stack guitar amp, a combo guitar amp, & a Crate Dual 15” bass amp. The smaller studios (A,B & H) feature crate, & fender combo amps and a crate bass amp.  


Prices range from $17 per hour for a small band practice, to $30 per hour for the showcase room, which is large enough for a big band and a small audience. The Showcase room features a 6 piece DW classic series drum kit, Marshall, & B52 half stack guitar amplifiers, Ampeg Bass amplifier, 3 to 16 microphones on stage, Full range PA with Sub woofers, & 4 floor monitors with a two way stage monitor mix from the mixing board. Backline’s showcase room is often used for video shoots & live recording. 


Backline Pro Rentals is right next door for your convenience if you require additional lighting, sound equipment & music equipment such as digital pianos, synthesizers, congas, bongos, guitars, basses, or specific amplifiers.  Rental equipment for use In Backline’s rehearsal studios is half price of the regular rental rate.

Backline Pro Rental is closed at night & Sunday. If your rehearsal session is at night or on Sunday we can make arrangements for the rental gear to be available from The rehearsal office. Please make your rental order with Backline Pro Rentals at least 24 hours in advance of you rehearsal.



Give us a call, Specify the date & time you want to rehearse. If we have an opening That meets your time & specifications we will take your name & phone#. The day before your session, we will call you to confirm your booking. If you get a message from us please call back to confirm your booking. Then all you need to do Is show up on time, pay & play. There is no setup & teardown time. You & your equipment should be out of the room by your session end time. 


Our busiest prime time bookings are Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday evenings 7pm-10pm. If you need to book these prime time hours we suggest you book you session at lease 1 week in advance. We do have cancellations & postponements so by al means call us and check availability, even if it’s the same day.




Monday - Friday 12pm - 5pm  $17 per hour. Any studio except Showcase. 



We accept  Cash, Visa, MC, Amex. We do not accept checks. All sessions are to be paid up front before you start.




If you need to cancel or reschedule a booking please give us notice by phone 24 hours prior to your session. If you have to cancel the same day as your booking, ( LATE CANCEL) or you don't show up for your session, (NO SHOW), The charge for your session will be carried forward to your next invoice. Late Night Special rates or Daytime Special rates will not apply to late cancels, or no shows.



SAME DAY BOOKING POLICY You have 1 hour from the time you book the session to cancel the session. Your invoice for the Late cancel or No Show will be carried forward to your next invoice.




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